How To Wash a Scrunchie: A Quick and Easy Guide for Cleanliness

Are scrunchies the most un-dignified hair accessories? Yes! But that doesn’t mean you stop using them. They are so versatile that you can use them with almost any hairstyle and outfit. The most important part is to keep it clean because a used scrunchie can give you skin infection or even lead to an unpleasant smell which is not good for your confidence. Fortunately, cleaning a scrunchie is easy. You can follow the steps in this article to learn how to wash a scrunchie quickly and easily. In just five minutes, you will have a new and fresh scrunchie that won’t make you cringe every time you see it.

Why You Should Wash Scrunchie?

You may think that a scrunchie is a scrunchie and there is no need to wash it. But that is not the case. A dirty scrunchie can lead to a lot of problems that are a lot more serious than having an unhygienic hair accessory. Besides being unhygienic, a dirty scrunchie can cause skin infections, rashes, and acne too. That is because the scaly particles and bacteria trapped inside the scrunchie can get on your hair and skin. You can wash your hair on a daily basis, but it won’t do any good if you are using a dirty scrunchie. Washing a scrunchie also helps get rid of the bad odour that it may acquire with regular use. A scrunchie that smells bad can lower your self-confidence. You may not want to wear your hair in a ponytail or bun if the scrunchie you have is stinky. A clean scrunchie is better for your hair too. The bacteria and grime trapped inside a scrunchie can damage your hair. Dirt gets into your hair follicles and clogs them. That can cause hair breakage and hair fall.

How to Wash a Scrunchie: The 3-step process

First, you will have to separate the scrunchie into two parts – the elastic band and the fabric lining. Then, you will have to wash the fabric lining first. Be gentle while washing the fabric lining because it is delicate. The fabric lining of the scrunchie is usually made of ribbon, lace, or grosgrain. When washing the ribbon, you can use detergent or fabric softener. Fabric softener works best for grosgrain. For washing the elastic band, you can use a mild soap or detergent. Be gentle while washing the elastic band because it is made of rubber. After washing the fabric lining and the elastic band, you will have to let them dry. You can dry them in the sun or in a dryer but avoid tumble drying them.

The drying process

The drying process is as important as the washing process. If you don’t dry the scrunchie properly, the germs will remain trapped inside it. You have to be extra careful while drying the scrunchie. Here are a few tips: – Make sure that the scrunchie is completely wet before you put it in the sun to dry. If the scrunchie is even slightly dry, it can attract dust, which will get trapped in the fabric. – Avoid putting the scrunchie in the dryer because the heat will damage the fabric lining. – You can also use a clean flat surface to let the scrunchie air dry.

Things you will need:

– Washing machine or bucket: You can use either a washing machine or a bucket to wash your scrunchie. The bucket is ideal for delicate fabrics. Be careful not to use a hard or rough surface when you are washing your scrunchie. – Mild soap or detergent: You should use mild soap or detergent to wash your scrunchie. Avoid using scented soaps and detergents as they can leave a fragrance in your scrunchie. – Soft cloth: You can use a soft cloth to clean your scrunchie. Avoid using a rough cloth as it can tear your scrunchie. – Hangers or a clean flat surface: You can use hangers or a clean flat surface to dry your scrunchie. Avoid using a dryer because it can damage the fabric lining of the scrunchie.


A scrunchie is a useful hair accessory. It can be used in many different ways. However, you have to wash it regularly to keep it clean and hygienic. You can follow the three-step process to wash your scrunchie quickly and easily. Remember, a clean scrunchie is a happy scrunchie!