Harris tweed scrunchie Black, grey & white basket weave


Made with authentic Scottish Harris Tweed.
You have the option of having an original Harris tweed label sewn onto the side of your scrunchie, please select this option in the drop down menu above.

Approximately 4″ in diameter

wraps approximately twice around hair

You’ll not find another scrunchie like ours.
We’ve searched high and low for the perfect fabrics and elastic and are proud to offer the perfect scrunchie.
Using a wider 12mm ribbed elastic, our scrunchies will not slide out of your hair  even for those with finer hair, or lose elasticity over time.

All our scrunchies are made by hand in the UK.

About Harris Tweed

One of the most desirable wool textiles in the world, Harris Tweed, is produced in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland; on the one island with two names,
separated only by a mountain range – the islands of Lewis and Harris.

The story begins with pure virgin wools which are blended together to gain the advantages of their unique qualities and characteristics.
Although the wool used to make Harris Tweed is principally taken from flocks reared on the mainland of Scotland, in the early summer the island
communities join together to round up and shear the local sheep to add their locally reared wool to the mainland clip.

Harris Tweed is the most famous fabric in the world and certainly, the only one protected by an Act of Parliament
Only the skilled craftsmen and women of the Outer Hebrides know how to make it and, by law only they are allowed to do so.

Please note, you may not receive the exact same scrunchie as in the photo and pattern placement will vary.

Please select

With Harris tweed label, Without Harris Tweed label


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